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first Papa Eren and Little Man Levi comic and it’s off to a.. great start (๑ ˊ͈ ᐞ ˋ͈ ) !

How have you thought of Mikasa so far?


I’ve had a very complicated relationship with Mikasa since I started this series honestly. 

At first I really appreciated her badassery and strong female character role when I initially watched the anime. But then the more I watched the anime the more I kind of started to be turned off from her. But that was simply because of the way the anime chose to portray her and I think they did her quite a few injustices (by a few, I mean many). 

When I finally read the manga it kind of further turned me off from her initially because she just seemed way too harsh to me and, as someone who loves Eren dearly, was not appreciative of the way she had no problem throwing him around and was trying to persuade him not to pursue his dreams. It bothered me a lot. But that was my own inability to separate her relationship with Eren from her as a character. 

And then I was even further turned off by her “I have no heart or time to spare” moment when they were trying to retrieve Eren from Bertholdt and Reiner. I mean, I knew (or “knew”, rather) she was ruthless but it started to make me believe that she was just plain selfish and only cared about Eren and doesn’t give a shit about anyone else at all. 

And then I realized how wrong I was about her character. And I’ve since washed my hands from all of those nonsensical bad feelings. 

Because Mikasa is actually a very kind and caring person. She is very humble, appreciative of what she has, values life and her friends and family. She learned at a very young age that the world is cruel, and because of that her exterior is hardened. And yes, she did decide several years ago that she can only care about so many people (although I’d honestly argue her circle of those she cares about have extended beyond Eren and Armin). But honestly… that’s actually very realistic. But even still, she does go out of her way to defend those who cannot defend themselves, which makes her a defender of justice and someone who cares for those who are weaker than her. 

She’s made a lot of mistakes. Mainly because she is emotional and, much like Eren, will let her emotions consume her if she doesn’t stop to think for a moment (like in the Trost arc when she lead her comrades into danger without any intent to protect them just to blow off steam and try to bury her pain). 

But she has grown a lot from that. Even now, when they have no idea where Eren is even at, she’s doing well to control herself. I’m sure she is worried about him, and will show visible relief when they are reunited again, but she’s doing well to hide it and not let it cloud her thoughts. In that regard, she has grown a lot. And we’ve seen very clearly that she does care for others besides Eren (comforting Armin, jumping in to save Jean…). 

Mikasa is a very realistic and relatable character. And the fandom makes a huge mistake when they decide to reduce her to nothing more than “stoic badass” or “creepy stalker.” Because she’s so much more complex than her fighting skills and seemingly stoic personality.. nor is she a stalker.. that idea needs to be burned to the ground.



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